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(Eng Sub中字) 禁断食材?! Unbelivable Food?. 国際ゲイカップル [Sum & Richard-Gay Boyfriend Food] #08

*日本人は食べない食材?! 何?答えはサムのジェスチャーで分かる。😆😆
*What? You eat that?? What will we eat? Find out the answers from Sum’s gestures! ☺️☺️


*Our Facebook: http://fb.me/roseslove713
*Our Twitter: http://twitter.com/roseslove713
*Our Instagram: http://Instagram.com/roseslove713_you…

💖Our Gratitude 感謝
Thanks so much for your “likes” and comments. They encourage us to make more videos. You can find the videos we’ve made so far down below.


💖 Introduction チャネル紹介 頻道介紹
*An international gay couple, hoping to make friends with you and share with you the idea of “Love Is Love.”


*我們是跨國Gay Couple,希望希望與你成爲好朋友,也希望能為同志人權盡一份心力。

💝Our Videos:
1.https://youtu.be/Qwobg9dPhyc (自己紹介2-1Let’s eat Sushi + the Boyfriend Tag 2-1)

2.https://youtu.be/Hto-hQJ4XYM (自己紹介2-2 the Boyfriend Tag 2-2+ How We Met)

3.http://youtu.be/W0sZ5ATzIGA (未知のカレーin 山梨芝桜祭 Unknown Curry from Japan)

4.https://youtu.be/5ApEi-EEKqU (馴れ初めHow We Fell in Love)

5.https://youtu.be/in17o-sMGJs (🌈PRIDE MONTH- 江ノ島旅行 A DAY AT ENOSHIMA)

6. https://youtu.be/GWiFOgUrP-4 (台湾のどこに住んでた?Where Did We Live in Taiwan?

7. https://youtu.be/xj-19XXmEBQ (霧ヶ峰ショック Our Accident in Japan)

大好きなカップル Seigo & Bren→

Music: https://www.bensound.com
(Clearday+ Buddy)


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